Review: Curiosity is bliss

Curiosity is bliss

Julien Couvreur’s programming blog and more

Definately a fantastic resource for those interested in the future of AJAX and web-applications.  Some very nice original content here.

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Useful Visual Studio 2005 shortcuts
One-click video streaming from home server
Unittesting asynchronous methods
“Inline IMDB ratings” script
Platforms issues for movie listings on-the-go
Frustration with RIA platforms
Secure cooperation in javascript
Implementing threads in javascript
Dojo Offline Toolkit
Xbox 360 + Windows Media Connect = video streaming

Recent Comments

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One-click video streaming from home server (51)
Alonzo Hart wrote: chromidium procreation ovationary archspy braza tatu jaypie

“Inline IMDB ratings” script (56)
wow gold wrote: wow power leveling wow powerlev

Unittesting asynchronous methods (12)
sadf wrote: google”>”>google google”>

Secure cooperation in javascript (1)
Mark Wubben wrote: Nice thinking! One way to remedy the DOM issue is by convert

Cross-document messaging hack (1)
Bertrand Le Roy wrote: I think this is the same as Atlas’ IFrameExecutor.

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