How to change configuration settings in php from .htaccess

To change the configuration for php running as cgi those handy module commands won't work.. The work-around is being able to tell php to start with a custom php.ini file.. configured the way you want.

With multiple custom php.ini files


The trick is creating a wrapper script to set the location of the php.ini file that php will use. Then it exec's the php cgi.

 shell script /cgi-bin/phpini.cgi
 export PHPRC=/site/ini/1
 exec /cgi-bin/php5.cgi

Now all you have to do is setup Apache to run php files through the wrapper script instead of just executing the php cgi.

 In your .htaccess or httpd.conf file
 AddHandler php-cgi .php
 Action php-cgi /cgi-bin/phpini.cgi

So to change the configuration of php you just need to change the PHPRC variable to point to a different directory containing your customized php.ini.. You could also create multiple shell wrapper scripts and create multiple Handler's+Actions in .htaccess..

 in your .htaccess
 AddHandler php-cgi1 .php1
 Action php-cgi1 /cgi-bin/phpini-1.cgi
 AddHandler php-cgi2 .php2
 Action php-cgi2 /cgi-bin/phpini-2.cgi
 AddHandler php-cgi3 .php3
 Action php-cgi3 /cgi-bin/phpini-3.cgi

The only caveat here is that it seems like you would have to rename the file extensions, but there are ways around that too outlined by AskApache:  Custom PHP.INI with .htaccess tricks.


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