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htaccess Guide Sections htaccess tricks for Webmasters HTTP Header control with htaccess mod_php or php as a cgi with htaccess tips, htaccess php tricks SEO Redirects without mod_rewrite mod_rewrite tips and tricks with RewriteEngine, RewriteBase, RewriteRule, and RewriteCond Caching, cache-control, cache, expires, and optimizing htaccess htaccess from the Apache htaccess tutorial. Check out and use… Read More htaccess tips

htaccess and .htaccess rewrite links

Apache Documentation First, here are several links to the definitive source for Apache 1.3 and Apache 2.0 specifically related to using .htaccess, especially for redirecting URLs and blocking bad bots and spammers. Apache 1.3 Apache 1.3: Authentication, Authorization, and Access Control Apache 1.3: Module mod_access Apache 1.3: Module mod_rewrite URL Rewriting Engine Apache 1.3: Module… Read More htaccess and .htaccess rewrite links