List of .htaccess Examples

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Advanced mod_rewrite Expert Tricks

Most if not all web developers and server administrators struggle with Apache mod_rewrite. It’s very tough and only gets a little easier with practice. Until Now! Get ready to explode your learning curve,…. The following undocumented techniques and methods will allow you to utilize mod_rewrite at an “expert level” by showing you how to unlock its secrets.

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htaccess and .htaccess rewrite links

Apache Documentation First, here are several links to the definitive source for Apache 1.3 and Apache 2.0 specifically related to using .htaccess, especially for redirecting URLs and blocking bad bots and spammers. Apache 1.3 Apache 1.3: Authentication, Authorization, and Access Control Apache 1.3: Module mod_access Apache 1.3: Module mod_rewrite URL Rewriting Engine Apache 1.3: Module… Read More htaccess and .htaccess rewrite links