Custom .htaccess rewrite rules in WordPress

Dan Marvelo
I’m working on a Wordpress plugin to store content as posts in Wordpress, but display the content a unique manner, outside of the post / page frame.

this included wanting a unique URL pattern to access that content. after some digging in Wordpress code, I got some simple URL customization working.

there is some info on the codex page titled WP Rewite API, but seems to be in development, and is short on specific information.

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add_filter and add_action

What’s the difference between add_filter and add_action? The difference is semantic. You can use add_filter() for an action, and you can use add_action() for a filter. The difference is there because actions and filters have a different code “mentality.” Filters are just that, filters through which information is passed, and then used. For example… the… Read More add_filter and add_action


query_vars query_vars is a filter on the query variables used by the WP_Query class (and stored in $wp_request->public_query_vars). The initial array consists of the following query variables: m p posts w cat withcomments s search exact sentence debug calendar page paged more tb pb author order orderby year monthnum day hour minute second name category_name… Read More query_vars